I know it is, I know because if I am passionate about it and I have been volunteering and working in communities for, well for a long time anyway, this is the training that will re-invigorate you, let’s face it we all get tired especially those of us that are called the ‘usual suspects’. Anyway, don’t get me started on that subject, maybe another blog could be dedicated to it, if I had the time or inclination to expand on my opinions. This training will also help us to identify those people that might never have come forward to be a community leader because they didn’t know that they could be leaders and in community organising we are all part of the solution, part of the team that will make a difference, that starts the change necessary or just starts and then watches the momentum grow. Those that turn up are the right people, however many or however few.


Community Roots CIC has become a Social Action Hub for Gloucestershire and has the opportunity to deliver free (at the moment) training courses in Community Organising to residents and professionals (alike) in the County. Those lucky people taking up the opportunity will also have the opportunity to become a member of CO Ltd a membership organisation that connects Community Organisers and communities all over England.

These are exciting times for residents and communities because social action is once more fashionable, it means we get to put our heads together and come up with sustainable ways of making our communities better, stronger places to live and work. In a time when money is hard to come by then, we have to start looking at different ways in which to help ourselves and others.

Community Organising is a method of community development that encourages people to find their own solutions and community organisers can support social action to gain momentum by encouraging people to listen to each other and find deliverable solutions that can be led by community leaders, solutions that are sustainable because they are delivered by people who are passionate about making things happen, it is not about the funding, the job or the kudos it is about the change, the thing that is missing or the catalyst that makes the difference.


To find out more you can contact me Penny Liddicot or my colleague George Balfour at Community Roots CIC, see the contact section of the website and become part of momentum because there is a change long overdue….