My last project update blog post seems a long time ago now. And, when I looked the other day and realised it was all the way back in February, I was shocked. It’s fair to say a few things have happened since then.

But before I dive into it, I’d like to recap on what I touched on in my last post (click here to read my last post).

Last time, I had written about our visits to Craddock Court, the Nailsworth Youth Forum and our goal of delivering the project newsletter. Plus, a whole bunch of other stuff.

Well, since then we have delivered the newsletters, had replies and have continued to visit and work with a small group of lovely people at Craddock Court. Over the last couple of month’s, we’ve helped them to get all the equipment that they needed to do a litter pick in the local area – which was their idea as it was one of their concerns.

Litter has differently been a trend over the last 3 months and earlier this month, on the May Day Bank Holiday we worked with another local person to arrange a Community Litter pick. We were over the moon with the turn up that we had as 14 people came along, including 7 kids who were all really enthusiastic to help tidy the area. 

And, we’re working with them to plan another litter pick in the summer around the same time as the Tidy the Town litter pick that happens in Nailsworth Town.

We had at least 16 people PLUS the residents at Craddock Court who are committed to keeping the area tidy and I’m sure there are more residents in Forest Green who feel the same – we just have engaged with them yet!

This was actually my first main event and I was pleased it went so well. We had refreshments on board – which the kids loved and maybe gave them extra motivation to pick up all the litter to get back for the refreshments.

Another idea that is gathering momentum is the need for a Community Café and earlier this week I along with Emma Keating-Clarke went to visit GL11 and a new Community Café at the top of town in Stroud to see how they do things and what we can learn from them. We plan to visit another local Community Café in June and hope to bring some local people along with us.

Since my last update, we’ve also started door knocking again and have door knocked several houses in the Lawnside area. I would say we’ve received a good reply so far with most people open to talking to us. 

We’ve also been busy going to the FGR Community Day, attending an update meeting with Nailsworth Town Council and I’ve now finished part 1 of the Community Organising qualification with just feedback from my assignments to come back. I have also started a new project at Stratford Park which is exciting but more on that on another day.

We’re happy with how the project is progressing and with spring already here, and summer just around the corner I’m confident there is going to be things happening this year with projects being started and concerns being tackled.

And, as we go into the summer we will continue to do as much door knocking as we can and connecting people together who have similar passions, interests and/or concerns to bring about social action.

If you are a local person in Forest Green and would like to know more about the Friends of Forest Green Project, then do get in touch by going to the contact us page right here.

That pretty much it for this update. The next project update will roughly be in one month’s time as I get back into the routine of doing a monthly update post.

Until next time,

Luke Burrows