We are very pleased and excited to be selected as one of 20 social action hubs as part of the new Community Organiser expansion programme, find out more here http://www.corganisers.org.uk/news/massive-expansion-community-organisers-programme.

This means we are going to be training up residents in Community Organising, delivering a 1 day Introduction to Community Organising workshop and eventually delivering level 2 and 3 qualifications. We’ve already delivered our first 1 day training workshop to a bunch of friendly residents we know well and have been working with for varying lengths of time to take social action. Overall it was well received, a few things for us to reflect on and change up a bit, but no major alterations needed. Most importantly social action has happened because of it, regular bingo nights and quiz night for connecting local people and fundraising, we will take that as a result! 

Without a doubt the training is really important for passing on our skills and knowledge to others. However, we are also really interested in the social action that happens as a result of it.  We’re feeling inspired that good things are going to happen and with new dates planned in both Cheltenham and Gloucester we can’t wait.

Below are a couple of photos from the session and we’ll be announcing further dates shortly.


As well as delivering the training we are seeking to create the conditions for a local and South West network to emerge, made up of community minded people who will connect, share ideas and work together to create change in their communities. We are starting at the beginning and recognise we have a long way to go but as Mark Twain said ‘the secret of getting ahead, is getting started’ and that’s what we will do. If you’re interested check out Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SWCorganisers/ or contact us directly, always happy to hear from you.

Blog by Georgina Balfour-Ackroyd