I’m 22 years old, from Forest Green and I am a huge football fan. In fact, when I was 14 years old I set up my own football team here where I live, in Forest Green, to give me and my mates something to do. Unfortunately, 3 years later, we had to fold due to not having enough funds, but it was fun while it lasted.

I first knew about the Community Organiser role from our local youth club here in Forest Green but unfortunately couldn’t attend the workshop. A few weeks later I met up with Georgina to learn more about the role and understand more about what Community Roots do.

After applying for the role, I was invited to attend an interview and on the same day, I was offered the role and jumped at the opportunity. I was a little bit shocked, because it all happened so quickly but was super excited to get started.

I am very ambitious and somewhat of a visionary, and other than my new role with Community Roots, which I am super excited about, I also do a lot of things outside of this and run multiple online businesses and ventures mostly in the personal development niche.

This is what attracted me to Community Roots. Yes, my role is community organising, but I also see it as community developing and, in my opinion, to develop a community, you must work with the people within the community, and empower them to act and make the things they want to happen, happen!

So, in my eyes, it’s very similar to what I have been working on for the last 12 months or so in more of a personal compacity and it’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I’ve been in the role just over a week now and wow, it’s totally different to what I thought. I don’t see it as a normal job. In past jobs I’ve had, I’ve had managers and bosses who tell you what to do but here, it’s more about leadership.

There’s a big difference between a manager and a leader; a manager tells you what to do, a leader shows you how to do something. A manager does things right, a leader does the right thing. A manager takes the credit, a leader gives the credit. I could go on… but you get the point.

A big part of the ethos here at Community Roles is about leadership and about empowering other people. You just need to have a look at the framework they work to and see the great work they have done in the past including the work at Gloucester Park.

When I saw the framework, I was like “yes, this is great” – because it has everything needed to make change happen. Some of the things it talks about is listening and building relationships, very important, then about leadership and creating a strategy. In finishes with talking about the most important part in my opinion, taking action!

And, that is what my plan includes. Listening to the people I am working with, listening to the people in my community and working with them to make positive change, connect people together and bring the best out in others.

All the other steps in the framework build up to empowering others to take action and make a positive change in the world. I mean, come on, there’s enough negativity that surrounds us, as it is so let’s build bridges and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. It starts with you, it starts in your community

That’s what I’m here to do, anyway, from the work I do online to the work I now do with Community Roots, it’s about empowering others – always!!