Well it’s Sunday the 24th September and the day of the Skate Park Jam is here at last and we are hoping and praying that we have thought of everything that we should of, it’s classed as a dangerous sport, one which insurers are not sure of…

We filled in application forms for permission to hold it, we risk assessed it, held meetings of the Friends of Gloucester Park Association and drawn up a plan of action, planned the equipment we needed, dished out jobs to everyone that wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way and had contingency plans for if we had light rain or heavy rain, so what could possibly go wrong.

Quote of the day from George was it was like herding cats and by the end of the day even the most laid-back of the Stewarts (private joke) who is a guy called Dave was saying ‘Health and safety’ and looking as though he had aged (well, not really but I am sure he felt he had) a bit. Will was as laid back as always and never seemed to be phased by anything but I am sure he was, he just kept it under his hat.

There were lots of competitors, spectators and lots of people having fun, the weather was kind and fortunately (apart from some very minor injuries) the day passed without any major incidents. We had covered the first aid side of things but we were glad that the professionals that were in attendance were not needed.  

There were chances for us to tell people about our work as community organisers and quite a few young and some not so young people asked us to go and see there skate park and talk to their communities about how we were supporting the work of the Friends of Gloucester Park. We are very proud of everybody that was involved in the organisation of the event and we hope that next year will be even bigger and better and we just get invited along because they know how to put on an event now and long may it continue…

Meanwhile back to work on Monday morning and we have been invited to a Macmillan Coffee morning at the Living Room in Rowanfield, Cheltenham organised by the AM Group. This is a group of parents and their project leaders Ann, Carolyn and Rose who have developed their idea of having a space for parents and their children to come together, a place where they can influence the sessions and where the leaders are local people who identified a need for such a group. So today after our awe-inspiring day with talented young people who throw themselves off steep ledges on lumps of metal to a more calming atmosphere where we will eat cake, made by our equally talented young parents and their peers….

Oh, I love my job as a Community Organiser…..

Blog By Penny Liddicot