Gloucester Park - Fruit and Veg Planter (Thriving Communities)

Updated: May 28

We are really pleased that once again we are working in Gloucester Park, and thanks to funding from Thriving Communities, one of the projects we are working on is a community growing trial.

Working with some of our volunteers, Helen and Lisa, and the Community Payback Team, Anna added a selection of fruit and veg to one of the wild flower planters. With community support we are hoping for a successful summer of growing, followed by permission to grow more in a second planter come autumn.

We have added fruit and veg, but still maintained the wild flower planting and any plants we moved to create space for new plants have been moved to a second planter to fill the spaces where we have removed a more invasive plant.

Some photos from two weeks after the fruit and veg was planted and everything is growing well, nestled in amongst the wildflowers and it's all thanks to our lovely volunteers who have been looking after it.

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