With the weather turning not so good, nights getting back at 5 pm and winter well on its way, I’m starting to see how community organising becomes more of a challenge during the winter months. It’s a challenge that I’m willing to embrace, and there is always something to be doing to be moving forward in the right direction. 

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I went along to the pop-up café event at the Arkell community centre in forest green. This is basically our hub for the project. Every half term the local council put on this event as it’s a good way for families to get out of the house and feed their children, well that’s one piece of feedback we had.

During the pop-up café week, which was during the Halloween half term we decided to set up a little information area about the friends of forest green project. In the past, it has been a great success however on this occasion there weren’t as many people as I thought. I was expecting to engage with a lot more residents.

With that said, we did receive some good feedback and engage with some residents that I’m confident will want to get involved in our project.

I also met up with a couple of residents who have already expressed their ideas, passions and vision for the area. This was a good meeting, where we discussed their ideas more and brought people together with similar ideas. We will see where this goes.

Not everyone we invited could attend so hopefully before the year is out, we will all meet up again.

During the last month (or so) I have also attended the Nailsworth Council Miles Marling Field Consultations.

If you’re not aware, Nailsworth Town Council has funding to redevelop a local playing area into a community park for all ages. In the middle of October, the local council put on 3 consultation events where local people could come along and express their ideas for the community park.

The local council had 6 plans drawn up by local developers and everyone had the option to either pick a plan they liked or individual things from each plan. It was quite flexible, which I think it always a good thing.

The last month has been a little bit up and down with some days chaotic and other days quiet. But, we have made progress, and that is the most important thing. The majority of the last month has been about preparing for the pop-up café event but also thinking ahead to the winter months and the activity that is taking place.

During our monthly team meeting that took place last week, we identified some of the things to focus on with developing newsletters the main thing that came out of the meeting. I really like these teams get-togethers because although I’ve now been in the role for nearly 6 months, I still feel rather new to Community Organising but am learning from our amazing team all the time.

Another big thing from the past month has been the mental health event held at FGR. This was a good opportunity to meet other people and organisations and explain more about our project but also listen to what they’re up too. Overall it was a good event and seemed to be a successful one.

Of course, we have also continued to do door knocking when the weather has been good enough and we are now nearly up to 100 doors knocked. Our goal is 1061 so a way to go yet. I have started to take over and ask some of the questions which are good because it’s easing me in slowly and learning on the job.

Overall, the last month has been good and I’m looking forward to the next month and starting to work on our newsletters while continuing to engage with people albeit in a different way as door knocking is a write off during the winter.

Instead, we will attend any events and I will use my current network to engage with local people.

That just about does it for this project update. If you’re interested in finding out more about our project, then please do get in touch using the contact us tab.


Luke Burrows