In the last update, I touched on our visits to Craddock Court and the Nailsworth Youth Forum alongside some of our plans moving forward – if you missed this click here to read January’s update.

During this month we have been continuing to build on the activity we started in January as well as documenting the whole Friends of Forest Green project more! Which is soon to be uploaded to social media – if you haven’t ‘liked’ our Facebook page yet you can do so here.

This month we have been along to two great coffee mornings at Craddock Court continuing to build on ideas for the area and tackle concerns and a couple of weeks ago were also joined by local town and city councillor so the residents of Craddock Court could express this to him.

As Community Organisers, we facilitated this conversation and were there on standby to chip in if needed.

I think it went very well, all had things to go away and action and in the next couple of weeks, we will be getting an update from the local councillor.

It’s not just Craddock court that we have went back to this month as we have also visited the Nailsworth Youth Forum a couple of times to continue our engagement with young people and have identified some potential leaders there too – all very exciting!

We did want to bring everyone together that we have met during the Friends of Forest Green project, including Craddock Court residents and the young people from the Youth Forum but at the moment this hasn’t been possible. We hope to so very soon.

You might remember in the last update, you also had the opportunity to download the electronic version of the newsletter we were working on and as we close out February and go into March delivering the newsletter is one of our goals.

Before we take a look at what March looks like for us, some of the other things that I’ve been doing this month has been continuing with the Community Organising qualification which is more challenging than I thought but it is going well and going along to project update meetings like the ALS meeting I have previously written about.

We also went to the February half-term pop-up café at the Arkell Centre and went to visit the project in Cinderford, Forest of Dean which is like the project here in Forest Green and it was interesting to see the commonalities and differences both communities have.

I’ve now had a walk around both Tewkesbury and Cinderford areas as well as visiting all 6 districts for the ALS meetings which have been interesting for my own development to see how different all communities are.

As we move into March, we will be focusing on delivering all the newsletters – which going to take a bit of time – but we also hope to get back into door knocking (weather permitting) and starting to find more leaders while continuing to build relationships and meet as many local residents as we can.

If you are a local resident and would like to have your say, please get in touch with us by clicking here.

Until next time,

Luke Burrows