Is an ethical approach to online trading that ignites enterprise and improves financial well-being

The Revival Room is a business initiative of Community Roots CIC, it addresses one of the key barriers residents have to taking social action, and that is financial. Community Roots CIC seeks to increase financial well-being of residents by selling items they no longer need through the Revival Room, we offer volunteering opportunities for residents to learn how to sell their own goods. We also sell on behalf of other charitable organisations and small businesses.

The Revival Room Enterprise

The Revival Room supports people on low incomes to improve their financial well-being in Gloucestershire. Most importantly it ignites residents interest in enterprise by offering space and facilities. Residents can also participate in our volunteering learning programme, learning how to trade online in a safe space. Funds raised through the Revival Room is reinvested and any surplus goes into our Community Organising work.  

How It Works

The Revival Room takes in donated items or sells items on behalf of residents, charitable groups or small businesses. Further more, every client of the Revival Room is set up with their own account. We’ll identify the correct selling site, take great photos and expertly list items for sale. Clients keep 70% and 30% goes towards selling fees and is reinvested back into the Revival Room.