This month’s project update is a timely one as its been 3 months since the last one. We’ve definitely been busy and are going to share some of the things that we’ve been working on over the last 3 months.

Let’s start with CO2019, which is our membership bodies annual residential event that lasts for over two days. Last year, was my first time going to the annual event and I didn’t know what to expect.

This year, I was more familiar with the format of the two days and it was another good experience.

Around the same of this event, I was getting ready for the second community litter pick that we were helping a local resident with hosting. The first one was a great success, especially as it was on a bank holiday and Forest Green Rovers were playing.

I had hoped some of the same local people would turn up, and we’d at least get the same turn out as we did last time but that wasn’t the case.

In total we had 10 people come along, and all new faces which were good. There was another litter pick in Nailsworth on the same day but in the morning and I think that’s why some of the more familiar faces didn’t come along to the keep the green in Forest Green one.

Either way, both do help the community and we’re now planning our next steps for the litter picking group to see if there are any other projects we can work on next. All of which is the development of the litter picking group.

June and July were busy months with everything happening and Penny Liddicot joined me on the Friends of Forest Green project as Georgina had sadly left Community Roots CIC.

However, Penny and I have made some good progress with door-knocking throughout July and have started door-knocking over in the Norton Wood side of Forest Green. We hope to make further progress in August and will be joined by the local warden to help out as Penny and I take holidays!

Some of the current ideas from residents are around sport and activities for young adults. We’re working with one local person about setting up a football kickaround group and had hoped it would be up and running in August. Location is proving to be a challenge for us at the moment, but we do have some ideas so hopefully, it’ll get resolved really soon.

The Community Café idea is still one that is bubbling away in the background and we’re also supporting local people around their frustration of the Stroud District Councils proposed plans to remove the MUGA from Lawnside due to noise complaints.

We’ve also noticed that the development of Miles Marling Field is progressing nicely and although we weren’t involved in any of the processes for the development, it’s still a community asset that we update local people about.

Other than that, we’ve been working on a few other smaller things, going to meetings and listening to local people. We’re starting to build a good relationship with the warden, and he came along with us to one of the coffee mornings the residents at Craddock Court host every week.

We’re looking forward to the progression that is going to be made throughout the summer and will provide more regular updates as we move in Autumn.

Until next time,

Luke Burrows – Community Organiser