Gloucester Park

This project started as a commissioned piece of community engagement work for Gloucester City Centre Community Partnerships (GCCCP). They required some intensive engagement work around Westgate area of Gloucester. We knocked on doors and in a 6 week period (2 days per week) we engaged with and listen to over 200 residents. GCCP saw the quality of our work, resulting in them commissioning us for a further year (1 day a week). From the evidence of our engagement work, we identified Gloucester Park and Skatepark as two main priorities of residents in the area and revisited residents and park users that showed passion and energy with ideas for change.

The forming of the friends of Gloucester Park (FOGP) and Skatepark development

We brought these residents together to explore their ideas further. There was energy around working together to update the Skate Park area, improve the look of the park, improve safety and renovate the aviary. The residents are a diverse group of people are now called the Friends of Gloucester Park and with our support began taking action and making plans that will improve both the Skate Park and Gloucester main park

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