The Living Room

Development of a community hub

This project evolved as a result of intensive door knocking in an area known as Rowanfield, Cheltenham. After knocking on every door and listening to over 600 residents living in the area, we identified key themes and passionate people who wanted to improve the community and their lives. Through bringing people together and analysing the information, it was identified that a community hub was missing, residents felt they had no-where to meet their neighbours and take part in community activities, in fact the general feeling was that residents felt they were forgotten as a community. There was a suitable site, which was a shop on Rowanfield Exchange which was ideal for the community to develop.

Further analysis of the information gathered helped to identify community leaders with ideas for projects. Ideas they felt would benefit the wider community if available at the Living Room. We supported the development of project ideas, often helping to identify small pots of funding to ‘kick start’ ideas. Projects were led by local people who have the passion, skill and knowledge about their idea and we used community organising techniques to build in engagement and sustainability so that projects can continue long after we have taken a step.

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